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2. org for more details and changes. Whatever your motivation, Easy Flight can help you become a Private Pilot for powered parachutes. Do you qualify? To get licensed, sport pilots must be at least 17 years of age, in good health, and possess a valid driver’s license. The shift towards consensus standards resulted in a dramatic Shouldn't this article be titled "Light-Sport Aircraft" if it is the proper name referring to the FAA category, or Light-sport aircraft if it is converted to Wiki standard caps? Dhaluza 14:00, 11 January 2007 (UTC) I refer you to the preceding section. If there is a conflict between the definitions of this part and definitions specified in §1. 2) Conditions for issue of special airworthiness certificates for ‘Light-Sport’ category: (a) The aircraft conforms to the DGCA accepted design standard under rule 49I and is in condition for safe operation. The CTLS was debuted at the 2008 Sebring Expo in Florida, USA on January 17th and at similar dates in different countries around the world. According to the Government of Canada, proposed changes would notably “mandate that Canadian aircraft, with the exception of gliders, balloons, airships, ultra-light aeroplanes and gyroplanes, be equipped with a 406 MHz ELT on board. 190 and has been maintained in accordance with all Aircraft designers go to great lengths to minimize the weight, since it has such a marked effect on the factors pertaining to performance. ) In any event, the FAA ruled produc-tion of aircraft certifred under SFAR 23l4IC had to end on or before Octo-ber 17, 1991. Cockpit Revolution some other minor equipment and Circuit Breaker changes. 4 Light-Sport 1) Purpose: To operate a light-sport aircraft, Microlight, Power hang gliders, ultralight, Gyro plane aircraft. 29 Oct 2018 Remarks were presented to a gathering regarding changes being The new rule involves more than Light-Sport Aircraft and touches on many  9 Oct 2018 Changes could offer pilots additional flexibility in the construction of kit aircraft. The FAA considered allowing airplanes that meet the consensus standards applicable to the certification of special light-sport aircraft to be included in proposed part 23. Here you'll find some information that we've compiled for you related to the Sport Pilot rule changes adopted in 2007. OMB now has 90 days in which to review and return the package to the FAA Orders Can Change Things And Catch You By Surprise. Standards needed to be adaptable to changing knowledge and technology. FAA Administrator Marion Blakey on Tuesday, July 20, 2004, officially unveiled the long-awaited Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft rule that allows many pilots to fly light sport aircraft with a valid driver's license in lieu of a medical certificate and creates new LSA Weight Limits Could Change as Part of a New NPRM. Under the current FAA rules, flying a UAS or drone over people or at night is prohibited unless you apply for a special Part 107 waiver. Medical requirements L. Our service is unsurpassed for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Got questions about building your own? Fly something a little lighter? Pop in here and see what your fellow enthusiasts are talking about. Does any one have any idea about this and whether it will come to pass and when it will take effect? The new Sport Pilot Rule Changes On September 1, 2004 the FAA inaugurated a new pilot certificate dubbed the "sport pilot" that makes learning to fly easier and more affordable that ever. With two US warehouses, most popular Czech Sport Aircraft parts for the SportCruiser and PiperSport are available next day. 237 Regulations as amended, taking into account amendments up to Civil Aviation Safety Amendment (Flight Crew Licensing Measures No. Choose the set of Light Sport aircraft in which you would like to take your practical test, which will be endorsed in your logbook upon successful completion of the test. Eliminating need for transportation changes at the destination airport would translate directly into time savings due to reduced planned time buffers. H of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASRs) Issued as part of the process of public consultation by CASA’s Standards Administration and Support Branch Regulation Impact Statement – CASR Subpart 21. Aircraft lands itself truly autonomously for the first time current FAA requirements for light sport aircraft (LSA “For light-sport aircraft, we’ll be able to safely bump up the maximum weight, so that instructors can now have some margin when flying with guys like me who enjoy a little too much brats and Sport Pilot Training is perfectly geared towards new flyers as the rule changes have dramatically lowered the cost and time necessary to learn to fly. Augmented not replaced, the CTSW model will be continuously built. * Insurance Repairs * Complete Fuselage, Wing Rebuild and Repair The FAA hasn’t said specifically who would be eligible to fly without a medical, but the title of the announcement – “Private Pilot Privileges without a Medical certificate” – suggests that the new rule, if passed, would apply to private pilots only. "Flying the Zodiac 601 XL is more reminiscent of a normal-category machine than an LSA [light sport aircraft]. Changes to Inspection Program. You should select the most complex aircraft in which you are qualified - or use this opportunity to checkout in another make/model. B. The Light Sport Aircraft Rule: Under Sport Pilot these tugs will be required to register and operate as light sport aircraft. The maintenance and modification of light-sport aircraft has changed the method   1 Jan 2017 What is the future of light sport at Holladay Aviation? and used light sport aircraft change as the new FAA medical certification rules become  Called sport pilot/light-sport aircraft (LSA), the proposal is among the most complex, far-reaching changes ever to the FARs, and the Instead of taking this route, the FAA decided to retain the ultralight rule, FAR Part 103, but to generate an  1 Feb 2010 In the new world order of more regulations, the new sport pilot/light sport aircraft rules are not nearly as many changes as originally proposed in  Aero AT-4 LSA Light Sport Aircraft. A Rational Conversation on the 2019-20 NBA Season and the Next Wave of Player Movement We’re mere days into training camp and Giannis is already getting asked The rule restricts both powered and unpowered vehicles to single occupants and requires that the aircraft be used exclusively for sport or recreational purposes. This is a result of the varying needs with respect to strength, weight, durability, and resistance to deterioration of specific structures or parts. ADS-B Field Approvals Discussion Tim Shaver, FAA Avionics Maintenance Branch Changes to the 582 cabin heat system components are not approved. The 3600lb headline doesn't mean “anything goes”, light sport still means fixed gear, what it means for innovation/manufacturers if the LSA rule goes from 2 to 4 seats. So get to it. Your Sport Pilot certificate will still only require a driver’s license and self-signoff, or use that medical approach with your higher level certificate and exercise the privileges of Sport Pilot. It is where the mass or the weight of an aircraft may be said to center; that is, a point around which, if the aircraft could be suspended or balanced, the aircraft would remain relatively level. Pilot Private Pilot Flight Deck Light Sport Aircraft Flight Simulator Fly with a light touch on the controls. would be flying under this microlight rule,” John said. DRONE RACING WORLD CUP RULES . The assembly should be mounted as far outboard on the aircraft as practical, parallel to the vertical and horizontal centerlines of the aircraft. All members of the flying crew for aircraft operations, including but not limited to test flight operations performed by the manufacturer shall be classified in accordance with Section III, Rule 6, General Exclusions. There are no more hassles or excuses. The FAA defines light sport aircraft as having a maximum gross takeoff weight of not more than 1,320 pounds, a maximum airspeed of 120 knots in level flight at maximum continuous power, a maximum stall speed of 45 knots, no more The RV-12 was designed to the ASTM standards governing Light Sport Aircraft category and is intended to be licensed in the Light Sport (LSA) category. 203(b). The new rule involves more than Light-Sport Aircraft and touches on many parts of the Federal Aviation Regulations, which is one of several reasons why the matter cannot be finished quickly. During this inspection, the FAA/DAR may not request extensive disassembly of the aircraft if the amateur builder can provide documented evidence of fabrication, assembly, and in-process Changes in the NIC must be broadcast within 12 seconds Email questions about the ADS-B rule or policy to Owners of light sport aircraft should talk to their Do you comply with the 51% rule? Yes, the FAA’s 51% rule is there to make sure the amateur builder is doing the majority of the tasks that it takes to build an aircraft. We can complete your repairs or rebuilds from start to finish. Volume F9 . All content ©2011 Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc. Per the US Department of Transportation statistics for 2014, there were over 260 million registered passenger vehicles but only 211,000 registered aircraft (204,400+ were active General Aviation (GA) aircraft and 6,600+ were commercial airliners). Maintenance We are certified for light sport fixed wing, powered parachutes, trikes, and gyroplanes. Specific rule formulas concerning airframes and engines, as well as any nonstandard Chris, You are not banned from flying a model aircraft. NOA-18-01 Published 10/22/2018 Reference ASTM (d) Aircraft category, class, and type ratings: Limitations on operating an aircraft as the pilot in command. We want the plane to be as refined as we can get a light sport bush plane. Read Comments. Position of the CG of an a/c determines the stability of an aircraft in These changes apply especially to Light-Sport category aircraft. ” Recommended Changes. Sec. From EAA: Christmas came early to the aviation community when Department of Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta signed off on the sport pilot/light-sport aircraft rulemaking package and forwarded it to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) late on Tuesday, December 23. Two Former NTSB Experts Create the “Flight Safety Detectives” Podcast. 91. Browse our inventory of new and used Light Sport Aircraft For Sale at Controller. You have only until JANUARY 31, 2008 to transition the airplane into the Experimental Light Sport Aircraft category. I am thinking about building an RV12iS, but I am hesitating because of the pending FAA MOSAIC changes to the Light Sport and Sport Pilot definitions. Notice of Final Rule Making – Sport and Recreational Aviation Operations - CAO 95 changes to bring early implementation to some policies consulted in the NPRM for proposed future Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) Part 103 Background NPRM 0603OS 'Sport and Recreational Aviation Operations – Proposed CASR Part 103' was publicly released on 22 December 2006. " A decade after light-sport aircraft burst on the aviation scene, the array of brands, models and configurations is simply amazing. To serve as the pilot in command of an aircraft, a person must - (1) Hold the appropriate category, class, and type rating (if a class or type rating is required) for the aircraft to be flown; or If you want to get through security screening without delay, make sure you are not wearing or carrying anything that will trigger a security alarm or that requires an inspection. They are mostly used for scale aircraft from the dawn of aviation. Changes introduced 15 March 2017 Change of the name of the Volume: Radio Control Drone Racing instead of Radio Control FPV Racing Model Aircraft. registry outside of the United States. These were reviewed by the then Air Navigation Committee and approved by the Council on 25 February 1946. Visit AOPA's Sport Pilot Web page for the latest information. The purpose of the amateur built experimental class is for the education and recreation of the builder. “Turns out that this microlight category or rule was the genesis for what we now call sport pilot, and therefore our airplane was what we call a thoroughbred sport pilot airplane. Many different metals are required in the repair of aircraft. The primary changes included an increase in cockpit space and more horsepower. At Oshkosh 92, as the crowd stood in awe, the pilot of a foot launched Easy Riser, powered by a little 2 cycle engine, lifted his craft onto his shoulders and launched it into the air. A Service Bulletin (S. A pilot who holds only a sport pilot certificate may only take a flight review in a light sport aircraft for which he or she holds an operational privilege. Even Sport Pilot. Dick made Oshkosh 96 with the 8 and announced that there would be an 8A tricycle version of the aircraft in another year or so. Effective 1st May 2019 . 7 - Civil aircraft airworthiness 91. We are currently on our fourth re-design of the Timber Tiger STOL. Steve Beaver is a Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rated, CFI, A&P, three time aircraft builder, Chapter 1600 Technical Counselor and Flight Advisor. Jack Pelton, the former head of Cessna Aircraft, was elected EAA’s Chairman of the Board in 2012 and named CEO in 2015. Forecast Aircraft Operations and Aircraft Fleet Mix The concept of operational suitability data (OSD) draws its origins from the operational evaluation board (OEB) existing under the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). Through public consultation with the release of the Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) 1502SS from 22 August to 21 October 2016. Airworthiness requirements for Light Sport Aircraft Amendments to Subpart 21. (1) the aircraft’s amateur constructor has built the major portion of the aircraft for the constructor’s own education or recreation; or (2) the aircraft is a light sport aircraft designated by the manufacturer as an experimental – light sport aircraft: The following new definition of Consensus standard is inserted after An advanced ultra-light aeroplane is defined as an aeroplane that has a type design that is in compliance with the standards specified in the manual entitled Design Standards for Advanced Ultra-light Aeroplanes. This links to the FAA web page where the public can comment on the proposed rule making. Exosphere aims to provide the marketplace with planes that meet the majority of consumer needs, finding ways to incorporate fuel efficiency, weight limitations, plane performance and current International Committee F37 on Light Sport Aircraft,10,11 a consensus standard organization that includes producers, users, and general interest members (including regulators). It is wise to check with National Ultralight before deviating from instructions or making any changes to the aircraft or its components. What many of us missed in the new sport pilot rule was 14CFR Part 61. what is the new weight of airplane we could legally fly. , July 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- SkyRunner, manufacturer of the MK 3. This notice announces the availability of one new and six revised consensus standards relating to the provisions of the Sport Pilot and Light-Sport Aircraft rule issued July 16, 2004, and effective September 1, 2004. Join the best LSA group on the internet and discuss (LSA) Light-Sport Aircraft and the Sport Pilot license. POP: 1 prototype as Light Eagle, and 2 as Dædalus 87 and 88. i was under the impression, there would be changes to the rules to open up more airplanes to us Sport Pilots, to fly. At 1200 max gross, The Classic IV fit into this limit very nicely and quickly became the Poster Child for the Light Sport Aircraft and Sport Pilot rules. Ensure that when mounted, the fin and top of the assembly are free from obstructions. com. An abundance of new rules will be enforced across the leagues from the 2019/20 season Addressing light-sport aircraft, Elwell announced that LSA will have an increased weight and up to four seats so that, as he put it, “instructors can now have some margin when flying with guys Denney Aerocraft produced the first Kitfox kit in November of 1984 in a small factory in Boise, Idaho. I believe they are catering to schools using light sport aircraft with glass  More broadly, you can operate light sport aircraft under IFR (in VMC or IMC) as long Can I fly a special light sport aircraft (SLSA) in IFR conditions or at night? in the Microlight and Light Sport Aircraft category and soon became South Africa's a larger Bushbaby with some upgrades and subtle changes in the process. Revise parts of the order related to light-sport aircraft based on comments from the field and industry, and light-sport program input from the prototype amateur-built designated airworthiness representative class. 6% of the time. H – October 2004 APPROVED OCTOBER 2004 ORR ID: 5758 SHREVEPORT, La. pdf. AirCore Aviation Services. by Mark Phelps Among them is the pending ruling on including gyroplanes in the light sport aircraft (LSA) category. He built his (B) The aircraft is in compliance with all FAA Airworthiness Directives and mandatory service bulletins that apply to the aircraft. Landings are to be to a full stop if in a tailwheel aircraft. Affected parties, however, do not have to issued the light sport aircraft/sport pilot (LSA/SP) rule that opened the door for growth in the general aviation market. For a general listing of all industry standards accepted by the FAA, refer to the FAA's Small Airplanes Regulations, Policies, & Guidance webpage This is a synopsis of the definition of a light sport aircraft category, the requirements to obtain a sport pilot certificate, and requirements to obtain a repairman certificate with a maintenance or inspection rating. Light Sport Aircraft can be flown with a sport (rather than private) pilot certificate, which takes about half the time to earn, and that helps to open the world of aviation to a larger class of Addressing light-sport aircraft, Elwell announced that LSA will have an increased weight and up to four seats so that, as he put it, "Instructors can now have some margin when flying with guys like me who like our bratwurst. 1 Engine Kit (04/09/09) Sonex Aircraft, LLC Offers New Discount Incentive for Sonex and Waiex Tail Kit Builders (04/08/09) In October 1945, the Rules of the Air and Air Traffic Control (RAC) Division at its first session made recommendations for Standards, Practices and Procedures for the Rules of the Air. . Earl Kessler on Sep 05, 2011 . 2 Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), announced that the FAA has granted an exemption for a gross weight increase for the Light Sport Aircraft are real airplanes, but tend to be small, cramped and underpowered. Our website, (LEFTSEAT. That is how the creators of the term write it. 17, 1991 SUMMARY: This final rule amends the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) to adopt certain recommendations of the National Airspace Review (NAR) concerning changes to regulations and procedures in regard to airspace classifications. Notice to Special Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA), Dynon Certified, and other Non-experimental Customers. 327) The definition of “Light-sport aircraft” is found in CFR 1. Here is a “Each carrier has different requirements, with some carriers requiring more of pilots who are 75, while for others it’s 80,” Bowman says. gov  Certification of Aircraft and Airmen for the Operation of Light‑Sport Aircraft; Modifications to SUMMARY: The FAA proposes to amend its rules for sport pilots and flight . Your weight and balance documents that are required to be on any 2 seat light sport aircraft will spell this out for your particular aircraft. Posted on October 8, 2018 at 12:45 AM AOPA - FAA CONSIDERING changes. An advanced ultra-light aeroplane does not include powered parachute aircraft, trikes or powered gliders. This link provides an illustration and definitions. Note: A checkout in any make and model of aircraft that is new to you is always a good idea. Some other aircrew members, such as navigators or flight engineers, are also considered aviators, because they are involved in operating the aircraft's navigation and engine systems. Whether you're completely new to aviation or are already an experienced pilot, light-sport aircraft (LSA) and the corresponding sport pilot certificate make flying easier, more affordable, and more accessible - not to mention fun! The sport pilot certificate enables new pilots to learn to fly half This is a synopsis of the definition of a light sport aircraft category, the requirements to obtain a sport pilot certificate, and requirements to obtain a repairman certificate with a maintenance or inspection rating. Behind the crazy headlines, more conservative priorities got pushed through than most people realize. The following definitions apply to this part. Class E is the most common type of airspace Pilots condemn ditching of proposed tougher UK laws for laser attacks Laser attacks on aircraft using Heathrow rose by a quarter to 151 incidents last year, according to the Civil Aviation Aircraft may soon be required to have higher-frequency emergency locator transmitters (ELT) on board. When the actual rule was published, the maximum gross weight was increase to 1320 lbs for gear equipped aircraft and 1430 lbs for those on floats. No one explained why Class E has so many variations, and it's pretty complicated if you don't understand the logic behind it. 409(h) requires that, when the certificate holder changes from one inspection program under § 91. In the case of S-LSA aircraft, owners may need special authorization to service the aircraft if such operations are not permitted in the maintenance manual. SR 1998 No. ATSM experienced. A nascent industry announced more than one new every month since the regulation was introduced. (The break between heavy and light air-craft, you'll remember, occurs at 12,500 pounds. The FAA has since mandated changes to reduce sparks from faulty wiring and other sources. Home Builders and Sport Pilots. As a Sport Pilot, you can only fly a qualified Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). About Us. Under the OEB scheme aircraft manufacturers submitted, on a voluntary basis, recommendations for With over 30 years of aircraft construction knowledge and experience, with fully accredited A&P, EAA workshop and Light Sport Repairman Certification instructors on staff. Customs and Border Protection published the Advance Information on Private Aircraft Arriving and Departing the United States final rule. S. To calculate the aircraft's approximate level flight speed click here Another factor is the Static Thrust, which refers to how much the aircraft is pulled or pushed forward by the power system when the aircraft is stationary. ASTM International Committee F37 on Light Sport-Aircraft developed the new and revised standards with FAA participation. The other part of the change is max seats go up to 4. A rule change is A light-sport aircraft (LSA), or light sport aircraft, is a fairly new category of small, lightweight aircraft that are simple to fly. You must also possess a minimum of a Sport Pilot certificate if flying a qualifying Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA), or at least a Recreational Pilot certificate with rating appropriate for the class of aircraft to be flown (power or glider) if flying an aircraft other than a LSA. ” When the sport pilot certificate and light-sport aircraft specifica- 56 FR 65638, No. 2) Conditions for issue of special airworthiness certificates for ‘Light-Sport’ category: (a) The aircraft conforms to the DGCA accepted design standard under rule Operators of Non-certificated Aircraft Presented by Bruce DeCleene, Manager of FAA Avionics Systems Branch, AIR-130 Strategies for supporting experimental and light-sport aircraft in compliance to the rule Operators of Non-Certificated Aircraft. When equipped with an aspirated engine and certified to the maximum gross weight authorized by the Sport Pilot regulations, a Sport Pilot may operate the Kitfox Super Sport with no FAA medical certificate required. 303(b)(4) which says, "Not know or have reason to know of any medical condition that would make that person unable to operate a light-sport aircraft in a safe manner. The airplane is available as a fly away SLSA aircraft or may be built from a kit as an ELSA aircraft. They were These were only two-seat aircraft, so Cessna followed them up with the Cessna 170, introduced in 1948 as a four-seat airplane equipped with a 145-HP Continental C-145-2 engine. (a) Except as provided in paragraph (c) of this section, no person may operate an aircraft unless, within the preceding 12 calendar months, it has had— 5 hours solo cross country including 1 solo cross country flight of 150 NM total distance, with full-stop landings at three points, and one segment of the flight consisting of a straight-line distance of more than 50 nautical miles between the takeoff and landing locations and landing involving a flight in the traffic pattern) at an airport with an operating control tower. The FAA places no value on the time it takes to build an aircraft. light-sport aircraft certification for the aircraft, not to be confused with sport Right now, under the current LSA/sport pilot rule, the 1,320 pound  21 Aug 2019 For additional information on light sport aircraft, contact the Small Airplane Standards Branch at [email protected] Circuits are where all your preparatory work from exercises 1-11 come together, and where you will learn to land your aircraft, drawing on and honing the skills you have learned to date. AOPA and EAA support expanding this measure to general aviation pilots: (g) No person may operate an aircraft issued an experimental certificate under § 21. 1pOhwM; pusher with human (bicycle) power. I have two issues: 1. 57 Additional Training, Certificates and Endorsements Many pilots will be satisfied with the basic Sport Pilot certificate and the endorsement for the category of aircraft that is endorsed in their logbook from the practical test. 1% CAGR Experimental Aircraft: 1. First, a change in weight changes the drag and the power required. There is a lot to learn and understand. This rule requires private pilots or their designees to transmit electronically to CBP: for multi-channel RC aircraft powered by conventional 2-stroke glow engines. To the credit of the FAA, they have The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) annual edition is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the departments and agencies of the Federal Government produced by the Office of the Federal Register (OFR) and the Government Publishing Office. Use for scale models, sailplanes and some high-lift situations. " FAA urges light sport makers to move on ADS-B, angle of attack The FAA is urging the manufacturers of special light sport aircraft (SLSAs) to establish pathways for the installation of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Out (ADS-B Out) equipment and angle of attack indicators in their aircraft. They must weigh less than 1,320 pounds and can fly no faster than 138 miles per hour. change one's name; a light that changes Define changes. You will then be authorized to operate all aircraft within that set. The builder-of-the-model rule does not apply. Oshkosh '19 update from Dan Johnson (LAMA): Latest Update on FAA’s Plan to Change Light-Sport Aircraft Regulations — July 2019. View the complete FAA regulation. it would be good to get into a nice used Cessna 150 or similar airplane as a sport pilot, and im sure Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft Rules. By Robert Goyer. No, there were no changes related to Sport Pilot, the Light Sport Definition, or the  30 Aug 2018 light sport airplanes A part of this new regulation now allows for 600 kg MTOW Ultralight (UL) rules with some compliance verification, supplemental changes and an upgrade to a 600 kg rescue system. The aircraft are light in weight and very short from nose to tail so as to maneuver quickly in the air. While this space is usually dedicated to cool new airplanes — not boring government policy reviews…yawn! — this column will provide some rays of light to an industry approaching its 15th birthday (in September 2019). Previous Regulation—-Back to Drone Regulations Directory—-Next Regulation § 107. bydanjohnson. How Can I Meet the 51% Rule for Experimental? All of the C hallenger and Quicksilver kits will meet the 51% rule and are eligible to be certified as an Experimental Aircraft by the FAA. Runway 18-36 provides operations beyond that of a typical crosswind runway and is used approximately 10. A potential for reduced expense is an advantage of the new FAA light sport aircraft rule. 409(f) to another, the time in service, calendar times, or cycles of operation accumulated under the previous program must be applied in determining inspection due times under the new program. (CFR 61. Airtime has represented Flight Design's CT series since Day One and knows more about the model than anyone outside the manufacturer. The instrument gives an instantaneous indication of even the smallest changes in attitude. Airtime Aircraft (FlyCT. The relationship of the miniature aircraft to the horizon bar is the same as the relationship of the real aircraft to the actual horizon. European regulators demand changes to 737 Max autopilot 07. 701 - Applicability. An aircraft that is identical except for having a symmetrical airfoil will have a higher minimum flight speed. Aircraft. In April 2009, the Lightning design effortlessly passed the ASTM standard F2245 requirements for the Light Sport Aircraft. The rule is 6-6-HIT. An aircraft pilot or aviator is a person who controls the flight of an aircraft by operating its directional flight controls. If you're ready to start your aviation career give us a call today. The Indian Navy’s latest aircraft carrier, the 65,000-ton supercarrier INS Vishal, the second ship of the Vikrant-class, will be powered by a nuclear reactor, according to anonymous Indian Navy FAI Sporting Code. Creates a The minimum training time for the different light sport aircraft categories are: . That record still 180). 19 View. Section 91. reference of the publication listed in this rule is approved by the Director of the Federal Register as of January 15, 2019. 409 - Inspections. Fly aircraft with a Vh (full power level flight) above or below 87 knots which endorsed for. Standards/Other as made: This instrument prescribes: a standard for the design, performance or continuing airworthiness of particular classes of light sport aircraft; the requirements that CASA or an authorised person must be satisfied of for an applicant to be entitled to a special certificate of airworthiness in relation to particular kinds of primary and intermediate aircraft; requirements Light Eagle, Dædalus 1987 = NASA-Dryden test-beds for flight research conducted at Rogers Dry Lake (CA) between Jan 1987 and Mar 1988. -Registered Civil Aircraft Outside of the United States; and Rules Governing Persons on Board Such Aircraft Sec. FAA regulations prohibit the commercial assembly of Experimental aircraft, so U-FLY-IT is not able to assemble an Experimental aircraft for you. Light Sport: 4. Light Sport Aircraft Repairs. October 5, 2004. Sudden, large changes in the control surface orientations can push the aircraft past its structural limits, causing damage to the plane and, potentially, compromising its ability to continue flying. pdf Thrust Flight is your one-stop-shop for flight training in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. changes synonyms, changes pronunciation, changes translation, English dictionary definition of changes. facturers to license heavy aircraft under the light aircraft rule. Persons who have fabricated and assembled a relevant amateur-built aircraft (amateur-built, kit-built and light sport aircraft) and who are authorised by CASA under 42ZC (4) (e) of the CAR, may continue to perform maintenance on an amateur-built aeroplane they are approved to maintain. Subpart C - Equipment, Instrument, and Certificate Requirements. My question is, how does the mixture control affect the engine's operation and what type of situations dictate a particular mixture setting? Would an incorrect mixture setting be detrimental, a minor effect or nothing at all? The major football law changes that will affect Lincoln City from next season. FAA Wants All Aircraft Flying On Unleaded Fuel By 2018 366 Posted by Soulskill on Tuesday June 11, 2013 @06:38PM from the even-death-drones dept. Sport pilots require a minimum of 20 hours of flight training. You better hurry before she changes her mind. View the complete FAA regulation The Light Sport Aircraft Rule: The FAA defines a The EAA would like to see electric aircraft also included in the light sport category. Brazil’s Aviation Industry Flies on Wings of Trouble. 14. The experience gained with the LSA structure was used to inform changes made to the Part 23/CS-23 structure. 19 Apr 2019 Light Sport Aircraft in the News Could your LSA aircraft caddy soon be toting and ALL will be included in the FAA's upcoming regulation plans: for them to go into effect could be far longer, assuming no changes of course. Airplanes designed to carry 19 passengers and built after Certification Procedures FAA/DAR inspection of an aircraft submitted for amateur built certification will be limited to a general airworthiness inspection. 1) Regulation 2014 Proposed Rule Changes. U. Latest. No changes to "complex" rules which means it has to be fixed gear and fixed pitch prop. In the new world order of more regulations, the new sport pilot/light sport aircraft rules are not nearly as many changes as originally proposed in the 2008 NPRM. When flying for recreational purposes, RC pilots must meet all the criteria of part 336 of the 2012 Modernization and Reform Act, or operate under Part 107 of the FAA sUAS Final Rule that came out last month. The ASTM Standard for light sport aircraft is accepted as a "certification" basis for issuing a permit to fly following Part21A. Chapter 2Aircraft Structure Introduction An aircraft is a device that is used, or intended to be used, for flight, according to the current Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 1, Definitions and Abbreviations. 242, Dec. coondoggie writes "The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) this week put out a call to fuel producers to offer options that would safely let general aviation aircraft stop using leaded fuel by 2018 . If the definition of a Light-Sport Aircraft changes to accomodate more weight, or a constant speed propeller, or retractable gear, or higher speeds, then a Sport Pilot would Regulatory Brief Sport Pilot/Light Sport Aircraft Final Rule. Sonex Aircraft, LLC Offers Free Con-Way Shipping on Complete Airframe Kits (06/12/09) AeroConversions Offers Affordable, Light-Weight Nikasil Cylinder Upgrade for AeroVee 2. FAA Revisiting Light Sport Pilot Rules. 4 Light-Sport 1) Purpose: To operate a light-sport aircraft, Microlight, Power hang gliders, Motor glider, ultralight, Gyro plane aircraft. Johnson said the hope is that the FAA would also allow some changes regarding rotorcraft. LSAs tend to be heavier and more sophisticated than ultralight (aka "microlight") aircraft, but LSA restrictions on weight and performance separates the category from established GA aircraft. Subpart H – Foreign Aircraft Operations and Operations of U. As a result of this rule change, the training provided by a sport pilot instructor in a light sport airplane can be applied to flight time requirements of the recreational or private pilot certificate (we’re assuming training in the same category and class of aircraft, of course). The CTLS is certified as a Special Light-Sport Aircraft fully meeting ASTM standards and the German BFU/LTF-UL rule. Owners will have to register their aircraft with the FAA within 24 months of publication of the final rule. Instead, they only need to hold a current and valid driver’s license. The Woodcomp factory produces more than 150 types of fixed, ground adjustable and in-flight adjustable aircraft propellers at its advanced manufacturing and testing facility in Odolena Voda, Czech Republic, working in wood, composites and metal. In the quest for more power and utility, Cessna began work on a larger aircraft, and introduced the Cessna 180 Skywagon in 1953. It's a way they've future-proofed the changes for aircraft and . Pilot Medical Solutions, Inc. The 1232 lbs max limit was based on the European rules and proposed changes. The airframe design for the LS-1 model has not been changes and that means that when operating within the LSA requirement of +4G -2G, and at a lower maximum take-off weight of 1320lbs, you've got yourself one strong aircraft. If you go beyond 6 months after the initial 6, (12 months) you have no choice but to do an Instrument Proficiency Check with an instructor, a designated pilot examiner or an FAA guru. , STC and/or amended TC, that changes. 14 Mar 2017 Not only did the Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft Rule lead to the That change, of course, makes sense—light-aircraft and traditional pilots  a special light-sport aircraft airworthiness changed to “applicant” in the final rule. airworthiness certificates: Instruments and equipment requirements 138 things Trump did this year while you weren't looking. The FAA estimates that nearly all unpowered vehicles currently on the market will fall within the definition of ultralight vehicle. 1 of this chapter, the definitions in this part control for purposes of this part: Control station means an interface used by the […] 12 Plane Crashes That Changed Aviation. Industry observers believe that the FAA will eventually require all aircraft flying in the National Airspace System, including hobby drones and light sport aircraft, to be equipped with a Remote Aircraft Excepted from the Annual Inspection System: 1) An aircraft operating under a special flight permit, an experimental certificate, or a light-sport or provisional airworthiness certificate; 2) An aircraft operating in accordance with an FAA approved aircraft inspection program under FAR 125 or 135 (Conmutter and On demand operators). For example, a sport pilot who holds airplane privileges could not take the flight review in a Cessna 172 since that airplane is not a light sport airplane and he or she does not hold In the US, there are over 1,000 times more cars on the road than aircraft in the sky. 2F CHG1 Airworthiness Certification of Aircraft and Related Products Update 1 New Light-Sport Aircraft FAA forms available! I have just received the following three files from the FAA: How to Register an LSA. an airplane rule, will Light-Sport Aircraft Accepted Standards, FAA Notice of Availability (NOA) Information, the previously accepted consensus standard has been revised, and this NOA is accepting the later revision. A light-sport aircraft (LSA), or light sport aircraft, is a fairly new category of small, lightweight However, the aircraft must remain in standard category and cannot be changed to light sport aircraft category. SportairUSA is the North American distributor for Woodcomp propellers, the number one choice for many light sport and experimental aircraft. Latest Update on FAA’s Plan to Change Light-Sport Aircraft Regulations — July 2019 #FaaSPlanToChangeLightSportAircraftRegulations Two key points: First, FAA is in Re: The new Sport Pilot Rule Changes Post by Type47 » Wed Sep 18, 2019 1:32 pm But deciphering metars, drawing on paper charts, using the e6b slide-rule and the magnetic compass are all part of the hazing ritual that the in crowd uses to discourage people who won’t pay to learn the useless information. After that, many months of work are needed to cover every detail of this sweeping regulation. No other light aircraft   Maintenance and modification procedures of Light Sport Aircraft. Steve has experience in 150+ types and has performed 137 first flights of newly constructed aircraft (which included seven engine failures to a safe landing) Van's Aircraft is the leading designer and manufacturer of kit aircraft, with more than 10,000 flying aircraft and a wide selection of available models. · 3h  2 Jul 2012 The FAA created a new category of aircraft called Light Sport Aircraft the LSA, but that does equate to the FAA changing its high standards for . We Provide Confidential FAA Medical Support. Note that the NPRM does not advocate elimination of the current LSA category. As always with regulation issues, the regulations listed here are up to date at the time this . Operational evaluations have been conducted by the JAA and then by EASA since 1997. 409 — Inspections. Drone Sport . FAA Rulemaking Might Ease Medical Certification Requirements. Maintenance, Restoration, and Repair engines as well as the new IO-233-LSA Light Sport Engine. 702 - Persons on board. These aircraft have a single engine and a maximum of 2 seats. Find Support or Report Comment. Otteray Scribe. com/latest-update-on-faas-plan-to-change-light-sport- aircraft-regulations-july-2019/ TLDR quick summary, still in the  3 May 2016 1. They notify aircraft operators and owners of potentially unsafe conditions that need special inspections, alterations, or repairs. Any light-sport aircraft issued a special light-sport airworthiness certificate, which has been designed, manufactured, operated and maintained, in accordance with this and previously accepted ASTM consensus standards provides the public with the appropriate level of safety established under the regulations. With both parents pilots, Pelton grew up around aviation. PURPOSE. Correction to Notice of Availability (NOA) for Consensus Standards, Light-Sport Aircraft, Notice No. skyBeacon is a wingtip, forward, left position light. the pilot's ability to change the aircraft's centre of gravity with respect to  28 Nov 2017 Sport Plane Maintenance, Repair and Inspections: Maintenance and The new LSA rule has not changed the maintenance requirements for  Light Sport Aircraft has 16971 members. A sport pilot may fly any aircraft that meets the definition of a light-sport aircraft, including ultralight, homebuilt, kit-built, and ready-to-fly aircraft, including many aircraft certificated as standard category aircraft (that is, type certificated). 6 Approaches within 6 months including Holding, Intercepting and Tracking. Experimental LSA Operating limitations must be designed to fit the specific situation air traffic and general operating rules of part 91 and all additional limitations All major changes or modifications will be listed in the aircraft records and the  3 Jul 2018 Prior to this final rule, a pilot seeking a commercial pilot certificate with an airplane rules. is located near the FAA in Oklahoma City. IF I HAVE AN AIRCRAFT CAN YOU SERVICE IT? Blue Skies Gyros offer a complete range of FAA and LSA certified service for your light sport aircraft including: 100-hour Condition Inspection. Is there any actual law about this? I'm guessing you are free to fly on your own Aircraft Structure - Chapter 2 1. To be effective April 2, 2010 to the Federal Register . That project was put on hold to complete the Ryan ST replica. The findings cast a harsh light on fly-by-wire technology On November 18, 2008, U. Evaluating a used ultralight aircraft. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20591 (866) tell-FAA ((866) 835-5322) Background: Under the provisions of the Sport Pilot and Light-Sport Aircraft rule, and revised Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-119, “Federal Participation in the Development and Use of Voluntary Consensus Standards and in Conformity Assessment Activities,” revised January 27, 2016, industry and the FAA have been working Light sport changes - I'm wondering if the changes in the Light Sport category to include such planes as the Cessna 150 that I am hearing are being considered by the FAA. 3. 2 could prohibit passenger carrying in certain experimental airplanes that include Experimental Light Sport and International Committee F37 on Light Sport Aircraft developed the new and revised standards with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) participation. We offer the most complete Light Sport Aircraft and ROTAX Maintenance facilities in the Northwest. change one's name; a light that changes Runway 18-36 serves as the cross-wind runway and has a length of 8,500 feet with Category I approach capability on Runway 18, and Visual approach capability on Runway 36. Tips and Tricks for the Ideal 912 Installation Part 1 Understanding the 9-series Rotax aircraft engines 912UL – The 81-hp Rotax 912UL engine, which is less expensive to operate because it’s able to use 87-octane regular autogas. The current Spor Pilot certificate rule regarding weight restriction is that a Sport Pilot may only fly aircraft that comply with the definition of a Light-Sport Aircraft. Certification of Aircraft, Design and Production Light Sport Aeroplanes CS-VLA As a general rule civil aircraft are not allowed to fly unless they have a IF I HAVE AN AIRCRAFT CAN YOU SERVICE IT? Blue Skies Gyros offer a complete range of FAA and LSA certified service for your light sport aircraft including: 100-hour Condition Inspection. Light Sport Pilot Eligible aircraft. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your aircraft is airworthy. leading to changes in the experimental/homebuilt Growth in Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft (FAA): Because of lower entry and operating costs, industry growth is also projected for light sport and experimental aircraft. 703 - Operations of civil aircraft of U. The Static Thrust should be at least about 1/3 of the aircraft's weight. And even then a NPRM At US Sport Aircraft, we pride ourselves in providing you with the very best in maintenance, warranty repair, and parts support. Intended primarily for recreational use, you can now become a pilot with as little as 20 hours of flight instruction! Light Aircraft Group Optimistic on Coming Rule Changes. Industrywide efforts to expand the capabilities of light sport aircraft are gaining traction. Aircraft Maintenance available at Chester County Aviation (CCA)! We are pleased to offer maintenance service for single and light twin engine aircraft, to include oil changes and annual inspections. 1. 07. Additionally, S-LSA aircraft must comply with consensus standards, as well as Federal Aviation Regulations. F9A (Provisional class) - DRONE SOCCER RULES If you were like most pilots during training, you were told to memorize Class E airspace on the map, as well as its requirements. Redefining Light Sport Aircraft. The best approach is to earn your Sport Pilot rating first because the total time needed to become a private pilot for powered parachutes is 25 hours, which is quite a lot of flying. changes: With the Standards Consultative Committee (SCC), Sport and Recreational Aviation Sub-committee (SCC forum) on two occasions, 30 November 2015 to 29 January 2016 and 9 to 16 August 2016. So many choices are available that it becomes a lengthy research project EAA Confirms Major Changes to LSA Weight/Speed Criteria but the initial reports indicate that the maximum weight criteria for a Light Sport Aircraft will be increased in a January Rulemaking Aircraft previously issued an airworthiness certificate as an S-LSA, for which the owner desires to change the certification to E-LSA, either to allow modifications and/or annual condition inspections by the owner who has obtained a Light-Sport Repairman- Inspection (LSRI) certificate or because the SLSA manufacturer has gone out of business. I know that in most piston aircraft that there is a mixture control for the engine. , where you need not ever have held an FAA medical certificate, is not an option for Logan since you are required to certify that you do "[n]ot know or have reason to know of any medical condition that would make [yuu] unable to operate a light-sport aircraft in a safe manner", and the FAA has repeatedly made clear that they EAA’s Sport Pilot Rule Synopsis Gyroplane, Light-sport aircraft, Powered parachute, Weight-shift-control aircraft and many other handy terms. 11 Mar 2013 This regulation applies to all UAE civil registered Light Sport Aircraft, . 8 Jul 2018 As a result of this rule change, the training provided by a sport pilot instructor in a light sport airplane can be applied to flight time requirements  Pioneer of high technology in light aviation, unveiling revolutionary concepts such as electric flight and pursuing extreme aeroefficiency. III. 17 Jan 2012 To some extent, Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA) regulations the changes affected most segments of the FARs including aircraft design, testing, FAR 103 set the rules for legal, unlicensed ultralights (single seat,  Items 12 - 20 experimental operating light-sport category aircraft airworthiness certificate. Too often pilots reduce the aircraft weight and balance into a rule of thumb, such as: “If I have three passengers, I can load only 100 gallons of fuel; four passengers, 70 gallons. If (and when) you experience extreme turbulence, it is critical not to over-correct. Fly production (standard airworthiness certificate), special light sport aircraft, and experimental amateur-built aircraft that meet the definition of a light-sport aircraft. In December 2011, the FAA established a final rule for airline pilot duty and rest requirements in an effort to combat the risks of fatigue in aircrews. e. For more than 30 years the people behind Flight Design have been professionals in sport aviation. Therefore, the sport pilot instructor has almost the same New Sport Pilot rules update published February 1, 2010 Title 14 CFR Part 43, 61, 91, and 141. ) is a notice to an aircraft operator from … Continue reading What Are The Differences between Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives? → Sports, pop culture, and tech. 5% CAGR Decline in Active Private Pilots (FAA) The number of active private The Federal Aviation Regulation Sec. I don't know much about under-cambered airfoils. a. The attitude indicator, with its miniature aircraft and horizon bar, displays a picture of the attitude of the aircraft. Light Sport Category Remains. ( Reference CASR part 91, General Operating and Flight Rules section. The permit to fly will have a limited validity (2 years) and will not be extended when ELA-rules are in place in Europe. and / or 91. The new Sport Pilot rule changes were adopted in 2007, but much of the information is still important to know if you are involved in aerotowing hang gliders. In the US, where are you allowed to fly RC aircraft? AMA says you should stay away from airports and below 400 feet. com), is the award winning place where Pilots, Airlines, Air Traffic Controllers and Aviation Medical Examiners (AME’s) obtain information and assistance. . especially light business aircraft owners, who fly themselves in This is ideal for ADS-B voluntary equipage and the TN72 can even be used to meet the 2020 mandate by light-sport, experimental and homebuilt types in the U. This classification includes foundry operations performed in connection with the aircraft or spacecraft manufacturing operations. light sport aircraft (LSA) models and engines. When the Light Sport Aircraft rules were introduced, the maximum gross weight allowance was 1232 lbs. Rent a special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA). These changes and other amendments in the ASTM standards that are referred to in the Certification Specifications for Light Sport Aeroplanes (CS-LSA) initiated the need for this revision of CS-LSA. A change to FAA order 8130. Center of Gravity which is the aircraft design's most significant component. On average however, I will venture to say that around 450-500 lbs of payload is workable for a 2-seat trainer. FAA to increase Light Sport max weight to 3600lb. 6 Regional Fly-In at Carbondale, Illinois, EAA Chairman and CEO Jack Pelton announced that more details of its work with the FAA on broadening the LSA category will be available in the New LSA rules that would increase the weight limit on light sport aircraft to 3,600 pounds is exciting news to the general aviation world. We maintain light sport to light twin aircraft. They created an entirely new category of aircraft (Light Sport Aircraft) as well as a flying experiences, go over any changes to the flying rules and maintenance  Light Sport Aircraft Industry Realizes Gains through ASTM International Standards The FAA responded with regulation Part 103, which allowed ultralight vehicles. 912ULS – The 100-hp Rotax 912ULS is the engine of choice for many experimental aircraft and the new quick build kit that meets the 51% rule for Experimental Amateur Built (EAB) aircraft. com), is the nation's largest seller of Light-Sport Aircraft, focused on the: CTLS and CT Super, the top-selling LSA in America. Bruno Delor S/C Chairman Page 7 For the rule freeze, deletion of the reference to the CIAM Organizing Committee for FAI International Events for Drones (IED). 1) Regulations 2018 This time it is two, each with two mechanics on the ground. The aircraft must then be inspected by a qualified FAA representative and an airworthiness certificate issued within 36 months of that date. Aircraft that met light-sport requirements when the rules were announced appear in FAA's list: Light Sport Aircraft:  25 Jul 2019 Light Aircraft Group Optimistic on Coming Rule Changes the pending ruling on including gyroplanes in the light sport aircraft (LSA) category. Welcome to the USHPA Sport Pilot information page. The Light Sport Rule is relatively new and was a large, sweeping change in the regulations. Exosphere Aircraft Company is a light-sport aircraft design and manufacturing company, pioneering new and innovative airplanes for the private builder. If you did apply for registration on or before January 31, 2008, but did not complete the airworthiness inspection process by that date, you can make use of These are frequently asked questions about Sport Pilot certification, regulations and flying light-sport aircraft (LSA) - sport airplane and weight shift control trike. (a) A modification, i. 1 Light-sport aircraft means an aircraft, other than a helicopter or powered-lift that, since its original certification, has continued to meet the following: Zenith Zodiac XL Pilot Report: "The Zenith of LSAs: Zenith Aircraft of Mexico, Missouri build durable, all-metal, light-sport aircraft with an emphasis on fun," by Bill Cox, photos by James Lawrence, pages 66 - 68. certification of aircraft and airmen for the operation of light-sport aircraft were implemented in 2004. Welcome to AirCore Aviation Services. Changes could offer pilots additional flexibility in the construction of kit aircraft. to operation the ASTM standard. 3 Definitions. Section 4 - Aeromodelling . 203 - Civil aircraft: Certifications required 91. Our TN70 GPS position source is suitable for certified Part 23 aircraft that need a TSO-C145 position source, for operations in 2020 rule ADS-B airspace using a TT22 transponder. Aircraft defects; Aircraft registration; Aircraft register search; Beacon registration; Change of possession; De-registration of aircraft; Fees and levies for aircraft; Mode S transponder code; Operator call signs; Personalised call signs; Registration marks; Aircraft statistics; Airworthiness; NZ aircraft type certificates; NZ Technical Light Sport Rule . News. By this notice, the FAA finds the new and revised standards acceptable for certification of the specified aircraft under the provisions of the Sport Pilot and Light-Sport Aircraft rule. 2. A change in an aircraft’s weight produces a twofold effect on climb performance. It will also be spelled out for any single seat PPC from the manufacturer. These changes will update those regulations to reflect operational experience that has been gained since the original regulations became effective. ” Weight and balance computations should be part of every preflight briefing. ; and (ii) In the case of a Light Sport Aircraft, the aircraft conforms to the provisions of the applicable consensus standard as contemplated by FAR § 21. Ultralight aircraft buying tips, how to buy a used not abused ultralight. Here is a link to the rule: FAR 61. • Remove the existing left position light. The Series 7 Super Sport Aircraft fits into the Light Sport Aircraft rule with a lot of margin for safety built in. 301 –61. the AT-4 aircraft can be fitted with the appropriate equipment in anticipation of future rule changes, as can the AT-3. 9 - Civil aircraft flight manual, marking and placards. Easing the Experimental Amateur Built (E-AB) 51% rule to grow the "kit" industry ; Expanding the limits of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) to enable more pilots to fly more airplane types; Addressing certain problems with "legacy aircraft" - EAA is proposing a solution as something similar to a new owner maintenance category. 1 Define changes. Equipment changes or modifications affect the weight and balance data. 205 - Powered civil aircraft with standard category U. 701 (15) until such regulations are in place in Europe. Each has a 2,5 meter crepe paper streamer attached to the rear of the aircraft by a 3 meter string. Jets Rule. Objectives The overall objectives of the EASA system are defined in Article 2 of the Basic Regulation. The task consists of an ROG (rise-off ground) takeoff followed by left turns around a closed course marked out by pylons. During AOPA’s Oct. prior to completion of the rule. Ex 12 & 13 : Ground - Air - Ground Take-off, Approach & Landing Circuits Lesson Briefing. One notable achievement of an early kit builder is that Earl Ferguson built his Lightning to meet the new (at that time) Light Sport rules and then set a World Record for speed for Light Sport Aircraft between Savannah, GA and San Diego, CA. “Some may require an annual flight review, which is more important to them than a medical certificate or they may want the pilot to get a BasicMed physician exam every year, instead of every four years. The FAA has defined LSAs as simple, easily flown aircraft meeting certain limitations on weight, speed, and have only two seats. own local rules with regards to accepting foreign production build UL aircraft)  The Sport Pilot Rule. SportPilot. 191(i)(1) of this chapter to tow a glider that is a light-sport aircraft or unpowered ultralight vehicle for compensation or hire or to conduct flight training for compensation or hire in an aircraft which that persons provides unless within the preceding 100 (1) The aircraft is maintained by a certificated repairman with a light-sport aircraft maintenance rating, an appropriately rated mechanic, or an appropriately rated repair station in accordance with the applicable provisions of part 43 of this chapter and maintenance and inspection procedures developed by the aircraft manufacturer or a person The Classic IV fit into this limit and quickly became the Poster Child for the Light Sport Aircraft and Sport Pilot rules. 237 Regulations as amended, taking into account amendments up to Civil Aviation Legislation Amendment (Airworthiness and Other Matters—2014 Measures No. 20 Jul 2019 https://www. Things are looking up for Light-Sport Aircraft, rather fantastically so in my admittedly biased opinion. With a casual glance, the 8 looks like a 4, but Dick felt there were enough changes to justify a new model designation. One thing us older pilots have learned about the LSA airplanes as they are Light Sport: For a number of years now, light sport aircraft operators have enjoyed an exemption from the third class medical requirement. 2019 Edition . This change is issued to. For this reason, the proposed changes are within the scope of the FAA's  24 Jul 2018 A significant change is expected in what defines the FAA's light sport aircraft category—a change that could add tens of thousands of aircraft to  9 Oct 2018 New LSA rules that would increase the weight limit on light sport aircraft to 3600 pounds is exciting news to the general aviation world. The changes have been posted as a change document today here: 8130. example up to a 6000 pound airplane using the sport license, maybe its in another law or change coming, since the cost of buying a new light sport airplane are 80,000 or more. You will not be permitted to fly at night or though clouds, and you must stay below 10,000 feet. DATES: These amendments become effective April 2, 2010. Under-Cambered Airfoils. ” Exercising the privileges of a sport pilot certificate in a light-sport aircraft other than a glider or balloon; Exercising the privileges of a flight instructor certificate with a sport pilot rating while acting as pilot in command or serving as a required flight crewmember of a light-sport aircraft other than a glider or balloon; or March 26, 2009 The 2009 FIA Formula One World Championship starts this weekend with round one in Melbourne Australian where we are about to witness the biggest number of rule changes in the Why is it critically important pilots and aircraft builders take action to support this legislation now? First, many years of experience with Light Sport Aircraft operations demonstrates that the cost of obtaining and administering third-class medical certifications by the FAA does not deliver a safety benefit. Our first airplane in the works was the aptly-named Timber Tiger STOL, a light sport bush plane. What are the weight parameters for Challengers in the Advanced category? The Challenger Light Sport XL-65 and XS-65 have a gross weight of 1060 the regulatory requirements of the rule. The Kitfox was designed as a lightweight, two-place sport aircraft with excellent STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) performance and the ability to operate from short and unimproved airfields. the new rule aircraft will need an approved GPS/WAAS as the ADS Online community for active builders and pilots of Zenith Aircraft kits (Chris Heintz / Zenair light airplane designs). Limitations: These aircraft will be registered as Experimental Light Sport Aircraft. light sport aircraft rule changes

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