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in my tube manuals, I read what Aspen Pittman says about them in "The Tube Amp Book" I've checked other forums' backlogs as well as the previous pages in this thread and I can't seem to find a definative answer as to why the old Fender amps designate 12AX7's as well as 7025's. Channel. BustedGear. Description. What does that mean? The 9-pin miniature part tells us what kind of socket the tube plugs into. (2) "Platinum Matched" Tung-Sol EL84 power tubes (1) Tung-Sol 12AX7 preamp tube (1) Balanced Tung-Sol 12AX7 preamp tube Platinum Matched power tubes are tested and matched by the manufacturer. A NOS EL84 should test for Gm on average @7500. . Get the guaranteed best price on Preamp Tubes like the Groove Tubes Gold Series GT-12AX7-C Preamp Tube at Musician's Friend. and the new production Genalex Gold Lion 12AX7 / ECC83 / B759 gold-pin tubes (Russia). I was using the tube diagram in The Ultimate Tone [ by Kevin OConnor ] for EL84's when wiring up the EL84's in my amp. Excellent for headphone amplifiers or phonostages. Harmonically rich with a detailed low end and a warm high end. User controls are Volume, Tone, and Master Volume. 12AX7 tube is the most common preamp tube today. Note that the modern Sovtek 12AX7WC is actually a pretty good valve. Clean. Mullard ECC83 (12AX7) Reissue vs Original – A EL84 vs. The white print on the glass is labeled for other companies (Fisher, Dynaco, Silvertone, etc) and says "Made in Western Germany" (label may be partial). The ECC83 is a mid gain tube and will have less gain than a 12AX7 (ECC803S). These tubes are some of the best sounding tubes you can get. It is a long page, use your scroll button and scroll down the page to see it all. RCA and Sylvania first introduced the 12AX7 to the world in the late 1940s. two 35C5's in EL84/6BQ5 Matched and tested Valves fpr amplifiers at Hot Rox UK Re-Issue of the famous and most rare Genalex Gold Lion EL84/N709. $14. But I sold the Blues Jr. I can't decide which I like best, can you help? Post in the comments. These are a little brighter and more detailed than the smooth plate and work perfectly as the phase inverter in Dumble style amplifiers or when you are needing a little more crisp clarity from a 12ax7. Dick Denny’s name may not have the same resonance with guitarists as Leo Fender’s, but for a generation of British guitarists and scores of amplifier builders who came in Denny’s wake, his work is no less ingenious or important. Stage 1&2. Tung-Sol 12AX7 New Production Preamp Vacuum Tube. Pignose G40V retube(TS 6L6GC-STR, TS 12AX7, Ruby 7025SS HG, JJ ECC803 Review by Curt The tubes you sent me for my G40V Pignose sounded great thanks, curt (Posted on 1/28/13) Fender Excelsior(JJ 6V6, low gain Tung-Sol 12AX7, Ruby 7025SS HG) Review by Scott I have always been partial to the EL84 as I am to the Fostex FE103. The triode drives the tank and the pentode recovers (triode is kinda like half of a 12AX7 and the pentode kinda like half of a EL84, but you probably already know that). Big, warm, and musical. It seemed to fit the bill. Contact Information . One EL84 vs. With the 12AX7 being such a popular tube in vintage as 12AX7 (ECC83) TUNG-SOL. Making a low power single ended amplifier has always been in my designing plans. just wanna know the difference between sovtek and electro harmonix tubes. Scott 299-C - EL84 for the power tubes vs 7591 Sign in to follow this . To put it differently, the 12AY7 can often replace a 12AX7 in your amplifier and give you a rich, warm tone with lower gain than a 12AX7. Get the guaranteed best price on Preamp Tubes like the Mullard 12AX7 Preamp Tube at Musician's Friend. RCA 12AX7's, 17mm, black plates from the 1950's…$120. Almost identical circuit to the 2W amp, except output tube is a single ended EL84 (6BQ5). The extra cathode current leaving through the screen grid would cause an imbalance in the voltages at the plate vs the cathode. So they dont drive so hard as a 83 at the same gain. And when you increase the input to around 0. An entire chapter is devoted to sculpting the dynamics of overdrive and harmonic distortion. Everything you love about Matchless is evident in this workhorse including rock-solid build quality, the highest quality parts and stunning tone. NOS/NIB Rectifier Tubes. The India made BEL 12AX7 is by far the best value in 12AX7 tubes. New Production 12AX7 Mullard vs Tung-sol. Long story short, I picked up the following 12ax7's/ ecc83's: 2 Mullard (unfortunately one turned out to have a short), 1 Amperex Bugle Boy, a Brimar, an unknown and 3 mismarked boxes that were supposed to be Ameperex 12ax7's but contained 6j6's of various makes. My current scratch built amp is using old, used 12AX7 tubes, but I recently noticed Fender specifies 7025/12AX7A tubes in their later amps. 5W Tube Guitar Amp, 12AX7 & EL84 SE Schematic AmpTubes is an Australian based Vacuum Tube supplier dedicated to providing you the best quality products at the best prices possible, with fast shipping, great customer service and a smooth online shopping experience. 5V, the amp is driven pretty hard and the distortion becomes The EL84, with an even hotter cathode, would be even better although you would need a better transformer. We carry all of the major brands in NOS, vintage and New Production vacuum tubes. 12AX7: I mainly use 12AX7s made in China, though I like the Sovtek 12AX7LPS in the phase inverter position on some amps. Made a comparison video between EL34 and 6L6 tubes after I had installed bias pots in the amps. You wouldn't want to run something like this as a phase splitter in pentode mode. 5 W so please use UL. Of large lamps tested, the Tung-Sol 12AX7 Reissue is one of the player in my various config. The 12AX7 is designed for high gain–lots of amplification. 11, and it's less compressed and more muscular at the same time. The all new TAD-EL84STR brings together the best of both – the famous EL84-Cz and the EL84M. Mullard EL84's vs. Source Legend: DC Dave Cigna / Francesco Piazza DM Me!. At a high volume level it's about perfect for my sort of jammin but when I put my TS9 and Fuzz in front the distorsh is too much. A Comparison of Current Production 12AX7 Tubes. The following should be direct substitutions. Known for the best sounding EL84 manufactured. Fixed Bias: What’s the difference? The terms cathode bias and fixed bias are often used to describe amps but lots of folks are not really sure what they mean. Has a crunchy sound that is similar to the Sovtek but with a smoother top; However, the EH has a humming note that some might dislike. Watford Valves - Test Reviews ECC83,12AX7 Test Reports 1998-2002 INTRODUCTION: OBJECT OF THE TEST To establish the best sounding ECC83/12AX7 of both New Old Stock and current production variety. thanks to its design it performs with very low noise and microphonics. ECC83 vs 12Ax7 Tubes – What is the Difference? One of the more confusing things about tube amps is changing them, especially when there seem to be so many different kinds available. Today, it is by far the most common preamp tube used for electric guitar amplification and there is an almost overwhelming supply of current production options to choose from. I would imagine that between the heater and the anode, a 12AX7 would have a pretty high current draw. Buy Fender Blues Jr. The new single channel 30/15 is pared down but is capable of producing an incredible range of tone that will satisfy any pro. 6SL7 vs 12AX7 Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG] so I don't know what the tonal differences are on that one tube as the champ f1 had a 12ax7 and an EL84. This gives the smoothness of SET amps with the power and dynamics of push/pull design. Well, this RFT does everything it was advertised to do. Large thick copper grid posts, old red/black Brimar boxes. With respect to the 5755 all you need to do is to examine the data sheets to find that the 5755 has about twice the plate resistance of a 12AX7 and half the transconductance. B. 75” (without pins)* Diameter: 0. I t Need vacuum tubes? Want to build your own amplifier? Have an unhealthy HiFi obsession? We've got you covered. We carry a vast number of 12AX7 tubes to help you get the right sonic from your gear. 00 each or would trade for EL84 / 12AX7's Most Were never used, some slightly used All test strong on my B+K tube tester E84L 7320 have higher limiting values than EL84 6BQ5, anode voltage is higher, also plate dissipation is 13. Z. Not all are suited for the job. Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Thouston, Jun 3, 2016. Matched and balanced triodes. 00 TWIN TRIODE, 12AX7 datasheet, 12AX7 circuit, 12AX7 data sheet : GEC, alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors Our new book uses these calculators to design preamps, power amps, and power supplies. The exception I might note is if ARS Electronics Since 1947 - Audio Catalog Page. May 18, 2019 we'll concentrate on the question of the ECC83 vs 12Ax7 tubes. So why even consider the more expensive EL84M from Sovtek? In short, the Sovtek EL84M lasts longer, has a lot more headroom and more watts. It’s a basic circuit: 1 12AX7 pre-amp, and 1 EL84 output). A 70's Fender twin reverb fitted with original Fender blue back The 6AX7 (12AX7) tube makes it easy to drive the amp to its full power. 7189 - Industrial Version with a 400 V plate rating vs. In Colby and Park amps, I use Tung Sol, Chinese, and JJ 12AX7 tubes, as well as the Sovtek 12AX7LPS. Made on Philips Mullard equipment and identical to a mullard 12ax7, but pumped in India, these have the exceptional tone of a Mullard and accentuated mids without the hefty price tag. Low noise, and a smooth tone. Mesa/Boogie MESA 12AX7 Preamplifier Tube Features: Premium-grade, high-gain preamplifier tube Tube Data Sheet Locator. NOS/NIB Power Tubes. It was released for public sale under the 12AX7 identifier on September 15, 1947. p = Pentode Unit. Obviously such a construction requires the appropriate speakers, particularly horn type designs, so that the output of the amp can reach an efficiency satisfying level. 6V6 vs. 1V drives the amp to a comfortable listening level when you use speakers that have an efficiency of around 90dB. The Lorenz ECC83s sound very nice, too. Jun 29, 2010 I meant to replace the stock 12AX7 tube with a 12AY7 in a almost new By mistake, I took out the EL84 tube and put it in the new 12AY7 slot. The Hickok 750 and TV10 uses the 15K scale to test EL84 tubes. 3:56 Harma Originally, the 12AX7 / ECC83 vacuum tube was introduced to be a superior option for lower noise and microphonics over the 6SL7 tube that was commonly used in the 1940s. black plate. WOW!, those Brimar EL84's sound great in my Bruno Underground 30. ) Of them, I liked the Mullard the best for it's warm sound with nice punch/dynamics. This list is organized now by each vintage tube manufacturer. Fender in particular has historically chosen the 12AT7 (AKA ECC81) for its unique capabilities and tone as a PI tube. Rod ~ World Tube Company Mullard The Mullard 12AX7 / ECC83 is a Very Smooth Sounding tube. This page lists all of the 12AX7 tubes I currently have in stock, including all industrial and European versions. This doesn't show the pin connection between pins 1 and 2 on NOS EL84's and Czech tubes. If the EL84 really is running hotter, it is due to swapping the EL84 itself, not due to the 12AX7 2. 12AX7 (also known as ECC83) is a vacuum tube that is a miniature dual triode - 6AV6 with high voltage gain. Tube Set (x2 EL84, x3 12AX7): Tubes - Amazon. tubes and not power tubes, but my amp has both 12AX7 and 12AT7 tubes. It gives more gain but the reason is distortion is 10x less with 2 x 12AU7 vs 1 pc of 12AX7. one of many bigger wattage heads ive been looking at without hooking into the PA. It came stock with Groove Tubes; = one Sovtek 12AX7, and one Sovtek EL84). So I'm looking for a bit more clean headroom in my (1) 12AX7 and (1) El84 amp. This is a fairly typical design that resembles entry level amps from the 1960's. Tube amps use multiple tubes, and the first position is referred to as V1. London Valve ECC83/12AX7 Short Plate O-Getter Made 29 product ratings - 100Pcs 9Pin Gold Valve Vacuum Tube Sockets Base for 12AX7 ECC83 EL84 6922 Tube. The MESA 12AX7 is a lively, open, and expressive tube. The PI is the tube that creates the push-pull waveform and it's the last tube the guitar signal sees before hitting the output tubes. All of this for $10. Now, in terms of sound, wellfor the V1 position I stopped using contemporary tubes when I had the chance to use NOS Mullards. You say the power tube is a 12BH7? An El84 is a power tube (I have two in my Bugera V22) as is a 6L6, 6V6 and others. When i think of el84's i think of chimey cleans. I find the EL84 has an authoritative sound with excellent clarity and tone although physically it does not look impressive as a power tube. There are many 12AX7 on the market today. One day, in the middle of work time, a colleague entered my office to ask something and from the corner of my eye I glimpsed a man who was staring like hypnotized into an amplifier. will be get more than 3 W. The EL84, EL34, or 6L6 tubes are power tubes and they are different in many ways. ) vs 12ax7 el84 el 84 70806612 12 ax7/ecc 83 tube 70806623 el-84 tube 70806623 el-84 tube 71322251 s uz pip switch pc mount cr8 cr9 in4007 70460007 in4007 ikv. Like all Matchless amplifiers, the Spitfire is hand made, point to point wired and tough as nails. I have an EL84 and EL34 amp from the same manufacturer, in his circuit the EL34 sounds more like the typical EL84 sound, as described above, but with 162 watts to drive most any speaker. The 12AX7 small signal tube. The performance figures given here refer to class A operation. Vintage or new, boutique or not, let's talk about the sweet tone makers. in contrast to lowerimpedance matching or current limiting (see matchless) to get the EL86 running with a easy mod you can run 2 of them in a 36watt (4 tubes) design. 12AX7 Family Tube Substitution. You can get good EL84 tone at a reasonable price. This tube amp can be a perfect gift for guitar enthusiasts who want to have their first tube amp. Today, a look at almost any guitar tube amp, be it Fender, Marshall, Vox, or any other, will prove the 12AX7 / ECC83 / 7025 tubes are here to stay. I'm impressed. Click here to buy complete sets of tubes for your Z amps from The Tube Store. Or maybe I simply fail to notice a very real distinction about some brands of 12AX7's. com Here I've my 18 watt amp biased for EL84 and 6V6. See our Best 12AX7 Review for more information. Z Amps. It has more than a casual similarity to the first Push-Pull EL84 (6BQ5) Oddwatt project from nearly two years ago. Do you have any suggestions or comments on this? EL84 Page 1 of 8 Telephone: +381 18 550 741 EL84 is A. SPECIAL OFFERS. I will briefly provide a technical explanation and then provide some bullet points of the major differences in tone, maintenanc Epi Valve Junior; 5 watts, class a, 12ax7 + el84. Using the circuit as shown with an input of around 0. NOS/NIB Preamp Tubes. Some EL84 amps run really high voltages and will eat the wrong tubes quickly. his RCA 845's about a month ago and the difference is on that level. 7189A - Industrial Version with higher screen and plate ratings. 99 each. Tested good for transconductance. An old RCA gave mine volume, body, bass. Feb 5, 2014 Most modern tube amps use a 12AX7 for pre-amplification, however, you headphones or studio monitors will reveal a true difference in tone. For 9-Pin power tubes like the EL84 the plate is pin 7 and the cathode is pin 3. Re: EF86 vs. As some of you may know, the 5751 is similar to the very common 12AX7 aka 7025 and ECC83 but with a bit less gain. EL84/6BQ5 Brimar Great Britain 1961-1962 Very balanced sound, excellent internal construction, superb EL84. Dirty. They are really good example of how tubes used to be made. bigger wattage heads being considered: Peavey Windsor (100) £325. Made in East Germany 1970's for NATO armed forces. (The 12AX7 has all the same less the shield, except the Chinese put in a shield without connecting it to anything, so you decide if that makes it a 12AX8. Most amps use either a 12AX7 or 12AT7 for this purpose. NEW (NOS) These are decent general purpose 12AX7's for non-critical applications. Need Help with EL84 & 12Ax7 tubes for Bugera V5. www. It’s a 12ax7/el84 30w amp and I am giving serious consideration to converting it to 6v6s. Anyone compare mini watts? APPJ PA0901A EL84 vs. Looking for ECC83, 7025 Tubes? You can use any current production 12AX7 tube as 12AX7A, ECC83 or 7025. 99% of valve amplifier manufacturers use ECC83 (12AX7) as the first preamplifier valve so if it’s good enough for them …. Nice grind! Highly recommended, these 6BQ5 are only available from Tube World. Matched at 1,5/1,5 mA vs 1,5/1,5 mA. Aug 25, 2010 Introducing New 845 / 805 / 211 /12ax7 / 12au7 / 12at7 / EL84 tubes . The preamp tube takes the incoming guitar signal and amplifies it & distorts it if desired and feeds it into the power amp section. The above SPICE models for various valves and most of these models are for use with PSpice from Orcad. hx = Hexode Unit. The problem with having an itch for a EF86 is that, in most cases, a EF86 based amplifier is well over $1000. This project is related to the other tube amplifier projects I have posted. mullardtubes. Denny, you see, was the brains behind the Vox AC15. The EL84 is a thermionic valve of the power pentode type. The eq is flat, and setting is set to 5 ( or 12 o´clock)the gain is set on 3/4 YouTube - carvin x100b el 34 vs x50b with 6l6 power tubes 12AX7 - ECC83 B9A indirectly heated twin triode is one of the most popular pre amp valves around. If you are looking to upgrade the tubes in your amp, 12AX7 in V1 where you want to start. 3V supply. Balancing this was a slightly more harmonically rich tone, with a lot of chimey Vox clean, although it quickly gets into ice-pick territory when you start to attack the strings (more so than any of the other tubes I tried). Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. 12AX7 General Purpose, Misc. It has two identical triodes both of which have a high voltage gain. But do remember that the ciruit can influence those difference quite a bit. I bought a '65 Blackface Bassman that had a bunch of different brands and types of tubes. Magnavox Push Pull EL84 tube amp Another piece of fine audio equipment came home from the same place as the EMI 630 speakers, this 15WPC Magnavox push/pull tube amplifier. The Ultimate 12AX7. Success, yesterday I installed the Mullard 12AX7 and EL84's and after 30  Page 1. 00 The 5751 and 12AX7 are not the same tube and in a phono stage substituting a 5751 for a 12AX7 will create a random filter, not an accurate RIAA filter. A while ago, I breadboarded frequencycentral's vibracaster, and i really liked it. ” February 11, 2010 at 2:53 AM tubes are 6p1 . They sounded great and had no EL84-ish rattle. They are cool tubes, and they have a different personality than the more common 12AX7 preamp stage. EL84 power tubes; 12AX7 preamp tubes 10″ Celestion Junior V-Type Speaker for enhanced clarity and detail Simple but effective Gain, Bass, Treble, Reverb, and Master Volume controls Victoria Vicky Verb The new Victoria “VickyVerb” combines the elegant simplicity of the narrow panel Champ style amp with the lush all tube reverb that Victoria is known for. to cover 12AX7/ ECC83 and 5751 type pre-amp tubes and EL84/6BQ5 power  Made an A/B comparison with my new production JJs and the difference was simply . These are JJs, and the preamp tubes are 5883s, not 12AX7s. These are all pin compatible with one another, the only differences being the gain factor of each tube. So do some of the Chinese 12AX7s. It was developed around 1946 by RCA engineers in Camden, New Jersey, under developmental number A-4522. Mullard 12AX7 / ECC83 New Production Preamp Vacuum Tube. Our tubes are always tested, matched and guaranteed. The Telefunken ECC83 / 12AX7 was made with both Rib Plates and Smooth Plates. EL84/6BQ5 Single Ended Amplifier with Daniel Speaker 2006 Chile Philips MINIWATT EL84 almost 10 years using ,nothing problem EH EL84 6P15 (6П15) is substitutes valve El34/el84/6l6. Various brand names and countries of origin. I'm searching for good tubes to replace the "no brand" 12AX7 tubes that came in my preamplifier. Edit: To be fair, two of 6V6 amps I've got left are single ended. The Rib plate is also a very good quality tube. I am experi r/ToobAmps: A place for tone seekers to discuss tube amps and analog goodies. Feedback received via email: “Hi Rachel, I received the 12AX7LS super tubes and their performance is super! Put the new tubes in and turn on, first 10 mins, comparing to Psvane 12AX7-TII…the new super tube has lower noise floor, sound is more dense and transparent, bass is deeper and better bass layering. jj-electronic. That is a lot of scratch just to see if the EF86 is everything you dreamed of. Another thing to consider is the height of the pickups. The el84's are easier to drive into saturation at lower volumes it seems to me. My favourites are still the Telefunken types and the large plate Philips and Siemens types from the 50s. RCA engineers developed it around 1946 and released it for sale as the 12AX7 shortly after. Hello all, I was wondering about your opinions on the 12AX7-type preamp tubes. RARE 1950s vintage British tube sound! European EL84 tubes are rare, and the Mullard made tubes are among the very best. 95. The original Mullard box for the matched pair is included, as is the other tube that was not tested since it appears to have lost vacuum. $139. Shop our great selection of EL84, 6BQ5, 7189, 7189A, 6P14P vacuum tubes now. For me the EL84 can sound a bit harsh but that probably can depend on the amp. EL84 Power Tube. It is used in 99% of all guitar amplifiers. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see every brand we have. I use it as input to the low gain amplifier, and position cold bias (distortion of floor) on High gain. It uses EL84 output tubes, configured in ultralinear push-pull, with 16dB of global negative feedback, able to deliver 12W maximum output power. JJ's rugged construction of this tube offers high reliability without any  Carmen Ghia, 18 Watts, 2 – EL84 (cathode biased) 2 – 12AX7 1 – 5Y3 rectifier, Volume, Tone. One part is like a 12AX7 and the other is like a 12AX7/ECC83 12BH7 211 274B/5U4G/5Z3P 2A3 300B 350C 50CA10 572B 5881 6550 6L6 6SN7/CV181 6V6 805/805A 807/FU-7 811A/FU-811 812 845 EL34/6CA7 EL84 KT66 KT88 Psvane HiFi Series Replica Series Treasure MKII Series Treasure Series Shuguang Natural Sound Series Treasure Series Replica Series HiFi Series TJ FullMusic Golden Voice Electro Harmonix (*)These specifications are provided 'as-is', with no warranty of any kind. Showing 1-11 of 11 messages. The amps are 90´s carvin x amps. The Sovteks are stiffer, harsher, and less musical than the JJ's IMO. Tung-Sol 6V6GTs are the holy grail for players who crave the sound of a Fender Princeton, Deluxe or Champ, or those who revere the tone of the earliest Ampeg Jet and Rocket. sk 17 Dimension and connections: 16 EL84 - 6BQ5 EL84 R. Most SPICE model links are to Dave Cigna's stash of SPICE models provided by Francesco Piazza- these are marked DC. It's designed to provide high gain output with an overall balanced tonal quality. Right now tube type should be the least of your concerns. The 7025 valve is a low hum and low noise version of the ECC83, but whether you’ll hear the difference is debatable. IMO 5V6 sounds a bit "coarse" or "unrefined" in comparison, iow, it sounds similar to the 6L6. Model Power Tubes Controls Master Volume Variable Boost Footswitch Reverb FX Loop Configuration Additional Features Output Impedance; Carmen Ghia: 18 Watts When I replace tubes in Blues Juniors, I generally stick with the Groove Tubes 12AX7s and JJ EL84s, but I’ve tried some others that I like. . The EL84 (6BQ5 or 7189) power tube. The main event is the "Battle of 12AX7" which is something I have tried to organise for the last two months or so. One 15" Eminence Legend speaker. I think when it comes to preamps the best currently are Chinese 12AX7B. Tube Interchangability Reference. Of course, it didnt work. 7189A, vox AC15, vox ac30, Matchless DC30, Matchless HC30, EL84, dr z carmen ghia, Dr Z maz 38, Dr Z maz 18, Dr Z monza, Dr Z mini z, Dr Z Stang Ray, Dr Z Z Wreck, Train wreck amplifiers, Orange Tiny Terror Ultralinear circuit uses an extra set of windings in the output transformers. It hits the numbers pretty well for a new production valve. 12ax7? I've built a few 18 watters and used the EF86 extensively, but never put an '86 channel into an 18 watter. 64 The 12BH7 is a very different tube from the 12AX7. Settings Cle The tubes that readers ask about most often are the EL84, EL34 and 6L6. It even has vintage knobs for reverb, master, middle, bass and treble control. The EL84 tube has a snarly sound (bright with midrange punch), and is usually found in smaller wattage amplifiers. Title: EL84 Author: Mullard Subject: FP-2002-02-16 Created Date: 2/17/2002 1:22:39 AM The Tung-Sol 12AX7/ECC83 is the gold standard of preamp tubes favored by guitar tone junkies, and one of the most important links in your tonal chain. Valve Testing Options 1 & 2. These are all pin compatable with one another, the only differences being the gain factor of each tube. This Class-A Push-Pull Tube Power Amplifier uses a Pair of Push-Pull Class A, Ultra Linear Mono Block Tube Amplifiers that can be used with several different vacuum tubes including KT77 / 6L6GC / KT88 with a 12SL7 driver and 6NO30 tubes. However, the Matchless/Vox inspired amp i built myself runs 4 x EL84's with each pair being individually switched, so i can hear a single pair of '84's with an '86 in front. Last, a more efficient speaker should give you more clean volume too. It is predictable, reliable and affordable. Bal, Okay, the famous Marshall 18 watt combo amp uses this tube as the reverb driver and recovery tube. Octal Tube Socket Numbers 12AX7 Family Tube Substitution. There is a volume knob that can be easily controlled and a power switch for easy access. A handful of contemporary makers still offer amps with KT66  The JJ Electronic EL84 is a solidly built EL84 / 6BQ5 with excellent tonal qualities . The 12AX7 Valve (or 12AX7 vacuum Tube) is a small preamplifier valve which is identical to the ECC83 – same valve, just a different name. APPJ PA1501A 6AD10. triode connection of EL84 will be get only 1. We all know this tube. Mullard spot) 12au7 - RCA cleartop EF86 - Amperex amp 12ax7- Telefunken 12au7 Sylvania (really nice ones by the way) then there's some crazy back end that isn't made anymore but seems to work fine which is good because you can't really replace it, then output=KT-88 JJ Tesla 12AX7 vacuum tube comparison test were executed with “Il Terzo“, one of the amplifier I built. Either the Tianjin ECC83 or any of the China 7025 tubes is preferable to the Psvane… and the Tube Store “Preferred Series 7025” is a GREAT tube for only $25; I prefer it by far to the modern New Sensor Mullard re-issue 12AX7 by a huge margin and even favor it over the expensive Gold Lion 12AX7 reissue tubes in certain applications. 12AX7 is a high gain tube often used in the first stages of tube amps. Swapping to a different 12AX7 can give you more. EL84. The 6DJ8 has to cathodes, two grids, two plates, one heater and one internal shield, for a total of eight elements. $19. Standard with EL34 output tubes. All these tubes can be used for classic or modern music depending on the preamp section. short plate and gray vs. In most cases, they will sound better The LaFayette pp 35C5 amp will definitely sound better because of the Telefunken 12AX7. Tube Data Sheet Locator. Forty watts per channel, Class AB Integrated Stereo Amplifier with EL34 output power tubes, 12AX7 and 12AU7 input tubes. ). The 12AX7 family of dual-triod preamp tubes consists of the 12AX7, 5751, 12AT7, 12AY7, 12AV7 & 12AU7. if you just swap the tube and run the amp with standard EL84 OT you get less power and harder clipping of the poweramp. $18 ea: 12AX7 USA Used: 12AX7 USA USED These are good quality tubes which are a good choice where price is an issue. They can be used in 7189 applications (not 7189A). Use of these parameters shall be entirely at the user's own risk. They are available to offer you personalized product advice any time you need it. Never came across a JJ with microphonic/feedback issues so that's good. ) 12AT7 and 12AU7 are not exactly interchangeable to 12AX7/5751/12AY7 due to the higher current and different impedance (lower input impedance). output tubes by switching to octal sockets. I get the same gain levels at 7. RCA 12AX7 – 트위드 챔프, 딜럭스 EL84도 하나 가격에 한쌍을 샀고 올려진 다른 관을 봐도 수치에 비해서 가격이 Matched 1% Amplitrex AT1000 pair of 2 tubes RFT 12AX7 aka ECC83. We deal in JJ Electronic tubes, NOS tubes, capacitors, speakers and bias probes I am not a sage but I can tell you my experience. Shuguang 12AX7 Pavane/Psvane Reference. Share Thread. We are all things tubes, Guitar amps, Bass amps and Hifi amps. This list is our current tube type, location and bias points for all of the Dr. The new, limited edition VOX AC10C1VS features an upgraded Celestion Junior V-Type speaker and a cool, vintage-inspired look. com sells mullard tubes NOS Mullard Tubes & That's It! NOS NIB Mullard Tubes No Reissues audio asylum trader. The short answer is yes in that you can swap a 7025 valve for an ECC83 and your amplifier will work fine. hp = Heptode Unit. But seriously. At least that's what they provided with mine. See below. Matched 1% Amplitrex AT1000 pair of 2 tubes RFT 12AX7 aka ECC83. This comment is not in response to your information; but in direct response from my own experience with trying the Tung-Sol 12AX7 as a pre-amp tube: I’m playing on a Crate Palomino V8 (Class A amp). These are the first generation of this excellent tube, with square getters. i call this overimpedance matching or voltage limiting. Also, try alternative 12AX7s in V3 You may get more clean headroom swapping out power tubes as well. The JJ Electronic 12AX7 / ECC83 has quickly become a modern classic in preamp tubes. The question becomes are you playing in a band, at home, do you need to be quiet or do you want to crank it. Why I choose the Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 vs Sovtek vs Tung Sol. Heater voltage Vf 6,3 (V) Heater current If 760 (mA) FAX: +381 18 550 806 The photos and comparison chart in this article compares and contrasts the current production Russian-made Sovtek EL84 and Genalex Gold Lion N709 / EL84 with the vintage Genalex Gold Lion N709 / EL84. Pretty boring as a description goes. May 6, 2019 12AX7: Since this is the most common tube in guitar amps, a wide variety of The standard Sovtek EL84 tubes also earn similar kudos, but  The main difference as far as the circuit goes, is that the EL84 will . Fx Loop. But if the designer says it will work in THIS application, you should assume it's OK to make the substitution. So I'm in need of a nice simple tremolol. When that happens, the price goes up. It has a single channel with “Fat” Switch, reverb, and a footswitch jack so you can toggle the Fat switch on/off more easily. L's. 87” * *Note: Due to the method of production in regards to the glass, measurements may vary slightly. Changing tubes in an amp can be a particularly challenging experience, especially since there seems to be such an abundance of them. As to where I come down on this, I've owned 4 El84 amps that I can remember and 4 amps that use (or can use) 6V6s. I prefer the 6v6's now and play around with different 12ax7's in the preamp  Jan 15, 2009 The four most common output tube types are the 6L6GC, 6V6GT, EL34, and EL84. Output Pentode Quick reference data • Anode current Ia=48mA • Transcoductance S=11,3mA/V • Amplification µg2g1=19 • Output power Wo=6W Heating Indirect by AC or DC; parallel supply. A full size Accutronics spring tank is transformer coupled to a USA manufacture 12AT7 for superior reverb performance. Tube measurements are as follows: Height: 2. A good way to describe the tone in one word would be to call it "cardboard". Tubes in the "Tube" column are directly replaceable with tubes in the "Replacement" column. In the case of these two tubes (EL84 vs 6V6) I don't know if there's a significant reliability issue. YAQIN MC-84L EL84 Push-Pull Tube Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS Class A Integrated lamp amp headphone output - Pre Use 2x 12AX7 pre-amp tube and 4x6P14 power tubes(can be Many vintage 6V6 GT tubes @ $17. http://www. If you want more clean headroom, however, try using at least one matched pair of 12AT7s. You might also like this HumbuckerSoup article: Power Tube FAQ: EL84,  Apr 17, 2018 Within the past year I have upgraded the four 12AX7's to '58 RCA black plates and GE EL84 are far superior and I have tested many EL84s. Its a good tube, it has a smooth tone, I made it overdrive nice, but it doesnt seem to have the same bite as an EL84. The EL84 is smaller and more sensitive than the octal 6V6 that was widely used around the world until the 1960s. and i want to go to el84 ,does anyone have Hey guys, I did a search on this topic, but I couldn't find any info on the tonal differences of those twp tubes just that the EL84 break up earlier While we're at it, does anyone know what're the tonal differences between a EL84 DSL 401 & an EL34 DSL 50? Tube and Bias Info. 6BQ5/EL84 - Standard quality tube E84L/7320 - Premium quality tube. However, if the 12ax7 from the same factory has the same guts in the bottle, but different name on the glass, it is Both of these Tung Sol 12AX7's are ECC803S. The Audo Catalog Pages are also focused on listners of all types of hi End Electron Tube Guitar amplifiers and Hi End Vacuum Tube audio amplifiers A Decware EL84 Zen Amp clone. This tube is especially suited for use in resistance-coupled voltage amplifiers, phase inverters, multivibrators and numerous industrial control circuits where high voltage gain is desired. It was made to rip it up metal style. 10 Watt tube combo offering the classic VOX Top Boost tone. Both tube amplifier projects use EL84 / 6BQ5 tubes and the earlier one used a ECC802S driver while this one uses 5751 driver tubes. It is simple but the sound quality is good and “vibey”. ) I cannot see how the 12AT7 should cause the EL84 to run hotter. We just completed another tube and hifi shoot-out tonight at my apartment. Nothing wrong with it, just i prefer the EL84. We opted for the thickest glass possible and the heaviest construction available, just like the Russian EL84M, and combined these features with the sonically most promising cathode plate options, in order to meet and exceed the tonal quality of the EL84-Cz. AC10C1-VS Limited Edition . if there is any? (for SVT heads). 20 x tesla rft telam polam tungsram el84 6bq5 ecc83 ecc81 ecc82 el34 6ca7 12ax7 12at7 12au7 pcc88 e88cc 7dj8 6922 pentode & dual triode audio vacuum tubes Calculate Plate Dissipation In Cathode Biased Output Stage Based On Voltage And Resistance Readings In these calculations, 5% of the cathode current is assumed to be screen current. NOS Telefunken 12ax7: Compared to the Mullard, this tube had a noticeably less open sound to it. They are very close but the gold pin will have slightly less gain in the mids. POWER TUBES EL84 EL34 6L6 KT66 6550 KT88 EL84/6BQ5 Sovtek EL84: This tube has a very harsh mid and upper mid-range. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up/FYI that the new production Mullard EL84's and 12AX7's sound have 2 of DF. It is used in the power output stages of audio amplifiers, most commonly now in guitar amplifiers, but originally in radios. 300 V for EL84/6BQ5. Driven by one 12AX7, simplistic in design but with a wide range of function and tone. It is especially suited for use in resistance-coupled voltage amplifiers, phase inverters, multivibrators, and numerous industrial-control circuits where high voltage gain is desired. davebrons. This means they can either be run in series from a 12. First off, the 12AX7 tube is a preamp tube and its pretty much a standard in all tube amps. To demonstrate its use and quality the Mullard applications lab produced an amplifier design. This EL84 tube really is a good value. 12AX7 Tubes. You'll also find that the MESA 12AX7 is both consistent and reliable in its smooth, balanced tonal response. Eurotubes is a webpage for musicians by musicians. Price is for one tube. If you get your tubes from Bob at Eurotubes, he'll likely match them to your particular amp. PI. The center tube is 12AX7, but so you know, Joe has stated that you can use just about any of I meant to replace the stock 12AX7 tube with a 12AY7 in a almost new Valve Jr amp. Jul 13, 2014 The major difference, tonally is that the 6L6 has less distortion than a pentode, While the 6v6 and EL84 are both smaller tubes, the 6v6 gives a . THIS TUBE HAS A DIFFERENT PINOUT and CANNOT BE USED IN 6BQ5/EL84 SOCKETS UNLESS YOU HAVE VERIFIED IT WILL WORK! Watford Valves, one of Europe's leading suppliers of tested, graded and guaranteed valves to the professional music industry. Apr 25, 2012 I will also detail long vs. 5 on the dial vs. 5881. For 9-Pin preamp tubes like the 12AX7 the plates are pins 1 and 6 and the cathodes are pins 3 and 8 (measure between pins 1 and 3 for A; 6 and 8 for B). The following tubes were installed in the Z Carmen Ghia Anniversary head which I just recently sold and were used for less than 6 hours. Vox used'em, and so did Matchless and Dr. 2A3 6CA7 6CA7-Z 6SL7 6SN7 12AT7-T 12AU7 12AU7-T 12AX7-LS 12AX7-T 211-T 211TII 274B 300B 300B-T 845-T 845TII ACME845 Cary 805AE Cary SLP-05 CV181-T CV181-Z EL34 EL34PH emission KT88 KT88-T KT88-Z / KT88-T/TII KT120 KT120-Z packaging Psvane psvane 845T Psvane HiFi Series tubes Psvane T-series psvane teflon caps quad RMA shipping Testing in China EL84's - ElectroHarmonix vs JJ's - My Review. The standard EL84 is made by JJ Electronic , TungSol, Sovtek and Electro-Harmonix. (5) Solid chassisThe Chassis is made of 4mm thick chassis and 7mm thick faceplate. EL84 aka 6BQ5, is a B9A base pentode found in many HiFi and guitar amplifiers. V1: JJ ECC83, V2: Tung Sol 12AX7, V3/4 JJ EL84 (matched pair), V5: 5Y3 Classifieds: FOR SALE or TRADE - Empty tube boxes wanted for 12AX7 + EL84 tubes asking for $1. The Electro Harmonix has the following differences over the stock Sovtek 12AX7. $9. EL84-STR TAD PREMIUM Matched. This 1960s Telefunken ECC83 / 12AX7 has smooth gray plates and a diamond imprint on the base. The EL84 output pentode was introduced by Mullard in 1954. As well it offered more gain. The creamy tone of the Spitfire perfectly galvanizes the bridge pickup sound for both classic and modern rock For sale is a NOS RFT 12AX7 (ECC83) which I purchased just a few weeks ago from Mike at KCA. The ars catalog pages are for electron tube lovers world wide who repair and replace vacuum tubes and related parts for electron tube amplifiers. 99% of valve amplifier manufacturers use ECC83 (12AX7) as the first preamplifier valve so if it's good Difference Between ECC83 and 7025 (7025 vs 12AX7). Tube EL 84 or Röhre EL84 ID412, Vacuum Pentode, Noval, B9A and Power/Output shown. Want to enjoy some other types of power tubes? That is why we have tube selector here. It has nine thin pins arranged along the circumference of a circle with a diameter of just under half of an inch. It was ok but definitely lack tone. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. EL84's and 12AX7's. High Gain, ultra-low microphonics, and superb linearity with a dynamic 3-D sound. And no fizz! I was a bit worried that it might sound less dynamic or harmonically rich than other tubes in the JTM45 and JMP settings, but it exels there, too. Oh sh*t, yet another "VS" thread. So, in that case Tube Basics and FAQ Grading and Matching Vacuum Tube Warranty & Return Policy Cryogenic Treating Tube Testing Equipment Why We Don't Sell Certain Brands It uses 12AX7 as preamp tube and EL84 for output. Anyway, my opinion is to maybe believe some claims about power tubes, but consider that pre-amp tube descriptions may be overwhelmed by the variation from one specific tube to another. Has better lows as you can hear the bottom more clearly. The Groove Tubes GT-12AX7-C preamp tube brings back the ever-popular and sorely missed Chinese 12AX7! This Gold Series tube has a warm, fat, old-style tone favored by blues players and the classic rock crowdCountry of origin: China Make sure you are buying HOLLAND EL84 tubes - They have large halo-getters, 6 x rectangular holes ( with stapled plates) and the HEERLEN HOLLAND ‚ codes in the glass. JJ 5751 Tube Review . Problem is, I've a pretty packed pedalboard already, running off a boss powersupply. 12AX7. Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. Learn more about Fender electric basses. This comparison only covers a few of the external structural differences. Mullard 12AU7 Re-Issue Sound Compare to NOS. just a bigger tone in general. Because of the high gain, 12AX7 in V1 has a lot of effect on sonics. AMPS SOUND BEST with real HOLLAND EL84! NOS BUGLE BOY EL84 6BQ5 MATCHED PAIR The ECC83 Gallery 12AX7 E83CC ECC803S 7025 : 5751 CV4004 CV492 B339 : The ECC83 is still the most important preamp and driver tube. As for sonic differences -- let your ears be the judge! The Mullard 12AX7 is a new sensor re-issue, and has been said by some of our customers to warm up the amp, and tame harshness. We offer some of the most comprehensive testing facilities available today. d = Diode Unit. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases EL84 vs 6v6 Discussion in 'Amp The standard preamp tube is the 12AX7. I've still got 3 of the 6V6 amps and I don't have any of the EL84 amps. Plus they take up less space. The NOS Telefunken Long Plate 12AX7 (Ribbed Plate) <> Bottom are $224. F. 암페렉스 vs. With his JJ EL84 / 6BQ5 Power Vacuum Tube. I had box. 6V supply or in parallel from a 6. 5Z3. 12AT7. I would really appreciate if you could share your experience in terms of preamp tubes. Current tube line up August-2019 Carmen Ghia. The only noticeable difference between the two was a bit more gain from the WB model. And lower distortion than both. I tested out 3 of those (GE, Matsush!ta, and Mullard. I’ve grouped the Sovtek 12AX7-WA and Sovtek 12AX7-WB together because they have essentially the same sound. A modern 12AX7 with a W prefix means nothing in particular. As far as I know 12BH7 are preamp tubes; I thought they were mainly used in TVs and some other audio equipment. 6n1p vs 12ax7 I put these tubes in my Bassbreaker 007 (two 12AX7 preamp tubes and one EL84 power tube) because the power tube was overheating, glowing purple, and making awful crackling sounds. I typically use Tung Sols in the first preamp stage because they have a warm sound. enogh to use 91dB speaker system in small room. Grid No. Has a very high gain (warning talking about volume, no distortion). EL84: JJ EL84s have good tone, although they are somewhat spotty when it comes to reliability. They make your amp sound like a big Wheaties box. THE TUNGSOL 12AX7 IME is the best current production 12ax7 even vs NOS stuff but the Chinese Shuguang 12AX7B gets a close second. Radio tubes are valves. By mistake, I took out the EL84 tube and put it in the new 12AY7 slot. I've also been told by a local tube guru that many of the earlier 8 pin octal tubes are actually more linear than their miniature replacements (6SN7 vs 12AU7 for ex. EQUIPMENT USED The amplifiers used were: 70 's Fender twin reverb fitted with J. ran through my marshall cab and mic-ed into the PA. The latest Russian re-issue is a perfect example. 12AX7-compatible tubes Many other twin-triode tubes are pin-compatible with the 12AX7. The JJ ECC83s (12AX7) is a high gain preamp double triode valve. 2 voltage and dissipation are also higher. The now classic 5-10 high quality audio amplifier. I am guessing the driver tube is the middle tube which is a 12AX7. To prevent damage to equipment, it would be wise to double check with a good tube manual before actually doing a substitution. While many lovers of vacuum tubes enjoy the hunt for NOS (new old stock) tubes, great deals on NOS tubes are few and far inbetween. APPJ PA1501A 6AD10 APPJ PA0901A EL84 vs. 12ax7 (this is the Tele vs. EL84 or 12AX7 and the amp should be fine. SUBSCRIPTS FOR MULTI-UNIT TUBES: b = Beam Power Unit. Here are some observations: EL84 vs. The ECC83 / 12AX7 has a '9A' pinout, which has three connections to the two heaters. The objective is simply to try to find out what is the best of the best 12AX7. I ended up going back to a 12ax7 and using the 5751 for the guitar channel. So, here is a rundown of how these tubes differ in sound. Loads of tone. Ok, I've read the info. Blackheart Handsome Devil (15) £199. About Hi Test. Title: EL84 6BQ5 Author: Mazda Belvu Subject: SM-FP-2003-04-12 Created Date: 1/19/2000 8:42:03 AM Cathode Bias vs. 0 W. It's high gain makes it popular in guitar amps, though it's also widely used in HiFi amps, especially in phono stages. Click to see all EL84 6BQ5 Output pentodes in stock 6AK5/EF95 6AQ8/ECC85 6as7/ECC230 6bq5/EL84 6DJ8/ECC88 6sn7/ECC32 12at7/ECC81 12au7/ECC82 12ax7/ECC83 12BH7 300B 5687/7199/6900 5751 5814 5963 5998 6080/ECC230 6189 6550/KT88 7062 7316 Amperex Bendix Brimar CBS-Hytron Ei EL34 Electro Harmonix GE Genalex Ken-Rad Mazda Mullard Phono Cartridge Raytheon RCA ShuGuang Siemens Sylvania Telefunken Tesla The 12AX7 is a 9-pin miniature, high-mu, twin triode. Hi can i use a ECC82 tube in a ECC83 preamp ? The ECC82 can handle higher voltages as a ECC83. What more do you need? N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A, Head 1×10 1×12 Quality Guitar Amp Valves including - EL34 , 12AX7 Valve, EL84, 6550, ECC83 and our own Elite MHValves range. OUTPUTPENTODE Base: NOVAL U f = 6,3 V I f = 0,760 mA Typical characteristic: U a = 250 V U g2 = 250 V U g1 = -7,3 V I a = 48 mA Title: 12AX7 6AX7 Author: Sylvania Subject: JA-FP-2002-03-23 Created Date: 3/24/2002 12:54:30 AM Sovtek EL84 / 6BQ5. Electro Harmonix, JJ, Sovtek, Svetlana,  Many other twin-triode tubes are pin-compatible with the 12AX7. The Blues Junior is powered by 2 – EL84 Groove Tube output tubes and 3 – 12AX7 preamp tubes. Questions about the Mesa/Boogie 12AX7 Preamp Tube? Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. The Audio Nirvana EL84 uses the two most popular vacuum tubes of all time. epi Valve Senior (18) £199 * 12AU7 x 2. 5W instead 12. This unit has had some previous work done to it with separate volume pots, handles on the side and feet attached to the bottom. Battle of 12AX7. The Psvane EL84 is an 1 Mullard EL84 / 6BQ5 Vacuum Tube. Had it retubed with all JJ tubes and it's now a tone monster. Buy JJ Electronics Amplifier Tube (T-EL84-JJ-MP): Tubes - Amazon. The 12ax7 is a miniature high-mu twin triode, each section of which has an individual cathode connection. The 12AX7 is a miniature high-mu twin triode. Thanks to some posters for pointing out that EL84's may have different pin connections. The stock Infinium's preamp tubes are three 12AX7 tubes; the power tubes are a pair of 6L6 tubes. com. So a NOS 12AX7 with a suffix starting with 'W' is a military valve. For octal (8-pin) tubes the plate is pin 3 and the cathode is pin 8. Easy rolling and sound meshes very well with the 6AS7. Does everybody have access (and the money to spend on) NOS tubes? Definitely not. These Gold Lion 12AX7 re-issues sound incredible: A full, glorious mid 1. Popular in Crate, Kaosamp, Matchless, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Fender, Peavy, Vox - Audio Note, Decware, Melody. I know of an amp that uses el84 but has 6 stages of modern 12ax7 gain. The ECC81 / 12AT7, ECC82 / 12AU7, and 12AY7, also have the same pinout. For a comparison of all the 12AX7's we carry, click on the tech corner link at the top of this page. If they're kind of high, they may sound ok with a solid state amp, but could distort the preamp of a tube amp even at a low volume. The 12AX7 family of dual-triode preamp tubes consists of the 12AX7, 5751, 12AT7, 12AY7, 12AV7 & 12AU7. Stage 3&4. F. The difference is noticeable to those with a taste for the high end. Input stage and phase split stage use 12AX7 tubes. The EL84 is a very popular output valve in both Hi-Fi and guitar amps. The Sovtek EL84 / 6BQ5 tube has been a staple for Fender, Boogie, Crate, Peavey and other manufacturers of tube amps using the EL84 tube. 12AX7: Since this is the most common tube in guitar amps, a wide variety of brands (including some resurrected old brands) are available to choose from. ia sil in4007 70460007 in4007 ikv,ia sil 1 afb 70900085 fuse agc 1 diode diode ui vi 4558 12ax7 12ax7 70404558 rc-4558,p dual bi-pkg 10 70806612 12 ax7/ecc 83 tube 70806612 12 ax7/ecc 83 tube What tube should I use in place of the 12AX7 in the preamp section. The good news? The quality of current production 12AX7's is getting better and better. The amp had Groove Tubes in it, from the factory. Title: 12AX7 Author: General Electric Subject: JA-FP-2001-01-20 Created Date: 1/20/2001 10:41:07 PM Gold Lion ECC83 / 12AX7 - Let's face it NOS 12AX7's are getting scarce. Ive gotten my amp to sound good now and Im not liking the E34L I put in there (EL34 with bigger low end says Eurotubes). The JJ ECC83 is useful for taming overly bright amps. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases I think Nolitan has captured the generalizations precisely. Its rugged design and rich harmonics make this tube an obvious choice for musicians who need a reliable and high quality tube at a reasonable price. Audio Tubes Direct is an authorized Tung-Sol, Electro-Harmonix, Genalex, Mullard, Svetlana & Sovtek dealer. The smooth plate is one hell of a tube. I’ve been living with a set of PSVANE 12AX7′s for a few weeks now and so far, these are great sounding tubes. JJ EL84's gave mine a little volume. and the utmost best if you need it to be just as good and even better than NOS GE RCA ETC. ECC83 Telefunken 12AX7 Types My regular job does not have any connections with vacuum tubes, except for the music endlessly playing on my tube amplifiers. Do different 12AX7 preamp tubes (sometimes referred to as ECC83) -and equivalents such as the 12AT7 - make any sonic difference? We try several sets in the V1 position to find out. Sylvania EL84's I really like my Mullard 12AX7 for it's warm sound and I'm wondering if I'd be better off getting Sylvania or Mullard EL84's 6BQ5/EL84 Mullard made, RARE 1950s square getter, white label, MATCHED PAIR: New old stock, in white box. Sovtek EL84s provide decent tone and are quite reliable. The 12AY7 and 6072 are the tube designations for a dual triode with medium gain that shares the same pin-out configuration as the 12AX7 and its variants. 98. In this review, I’ve compared the new 5751 with the JJ ECC83S (12AX7) which has been my standard workhorse guitar preamp tube for several years. An amp like the Classic 50 with 4 EL84's, usually run better with "colder" (lower milliamp) tubes. El84's and 6V6's will usually be in lower powered amps, where 6L6's and el34's will be in higher powered designs. el84 vs 12ax7

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